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Another work week come to an end. It was a fun day, every time someone asked the inevitable question “any plans for the weekend?” I would respond in the most nonchalant voice I could muster “nothing much, gonna get married tomorrow, maybe some roller skating on Saturday”.

First Run :-)

Yeah, first runs at Targhee today with Ana.

Boo, snow and weather were not very good, it actually started to rain. It’s not supposed to rain in Idaho in December. Damn you, global warming. All the lifts to the top of the mountain were closed due to 70mph winds 😦

Maybe better conditions next weekend.


Funny but perhaps a little true.



Drive home from Targhee


Serial Killer?

Driving up the highway on our way to Targhee I saw what can only be described as peculiar. We came upon an old beat-up pick-up truck with a half-ass spray can paint job. As we go to pass this slow moving monstrosity the first thing I noticed was the bearded, slightly crazed looking, most definitely inbred looking, and possibly post office most wanted looking, hillbilly of a man. The second thing that I noticed was the strip of paper dangling from the rear-view mirror. Not just any strip of paper mind you, but a strip of fly paper. Furthermore this strip of paper was not just some random decoration that Mr. Hillbilly picked up from the local store. No, this was a fully functioning strip of fly paper, covered with several dead flies from top to bottom. The next question that ran through my head as I applied more pressure to the gas pedal, was this – did the number of dead flies in some way correlate to the number of severed limbs being stashed behind the seat?


Donating plasma for the very first time. Typing with my left hand while my right squeezes away. I find it quite interesting to watch the machine work. The blood traveling through the tubing, being spun around and separated. The plasma filling a bag and the blood a plastic tank. When the tank fills, the machine stops, reversing, then returning the blood to my body. The cycle of taking, separating, and returning happens several times. The machine clicking and humming and automatically working.

One week

One week. One week left until the knot gets tied. One week left until Happily Ever After 🙂

Last weekend bought a most excellent live tree for Chirstmas. It’s all lit up and ready for Santa. Also got some new lights for the Blue Spruce outside, it’s nice and colorful now. Maybe today I will find the motivation for the house lights.

Ordered what will hopefully be the last part for my minivan. A $300 dollar part. Ouch! A couple of my co-workers that ride in my carpool have volunteered to chip in $50 a piece. I never asked them to but won’t say no to the money. Fingers crossed this fixes the problem.

The cermony next Friday will be a simple one. In five years we are wanting to make up for that with something fun. We are thinking maybe a Christmas 2017 trip to Disney World. I know it’s a long ways off but it gives something to look forward to, plan for, and dream about. Maybe even a Disney Cruise to the Bahamas instead of Disney World.

The annoying minivan

I guess I should be thankfully, the minivan made it all the way across country and back before acting up. It died going out to work one morning with my carpool. Managed to limp it back home, no tow truck needed. According to the check engine light, the number six cylinder wasn’t firing.

I decided I would change out the plugs and wires, from the originals with 160,000 miles, how hard could it be. Harder than expected, that’s for sure. The front three plugs are easy to get to. They sit under the ignition coils, however the rubber connecting the coils to the spark plug boots was crumbling. So three new coils and boots, at $100 a pop. Yeah!

The back three plugs, not so easy to get to. You have to remove the top of the intake manifold, what the manual calls the Surge Tank. That was a huge pain in the ass. Had to put the van on jacks to get to the last two bolts from underneath.

Took the oppurtunity to replace the air filter housing, three of the four bolt holes that keep it shut were broken off. Also replaced the battery and connectors. Quite a tune-up, way more than I wanted to spend.

All that done and now there seems to be a problem with the vacuum lines or mass air flow sensor. So the check engine light now says. I’m guessing I broke something while fixing everything else. The mass air flow sensor would be an easy but expensive part, another two hundred dollars. Yeah again!

Kicking up a storm

Lying next to Ashley this morning, my hand on her belly, I felt the little guy kicking up a storm. It’s not the first time I’ve felt him move but it was the most active I have felt him. It was a nice way to wake up the day after Thanksgiving. A thousand times better than any Black Friday sale, something to be truely thankful for.

Mark of Athena

















I just finished reading this one the other day, The Mark of Athena. This is the third in Rick Riordan’s The Heroes of Olympus series. The first two being The Lost Hero and The Son of Neptune. This series is a spinoff of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series and shares several of the main characters. Reading the first series isn’t a requirement but highly recommended.

Anytime one of these novels comes out I grab it as soon as possible. They are geared toward the teen/pre-teen audience but I have always been a kid at heart and find these books to be a great read and great action packed ride. Like the other books, each chapter is titled after the character most strongly featured in those pages. You follow Percy, Leo, Piper, and Annabeth as the travel with friends like Hazel, Frank, Jason, and Nico in their quest to save the greek and roman gods and in turn save the world.

The greatest downfall of these books is the implausible situations that our heros get into and the even more implausible ways they get out of those situations. However, if you firmly suspend your disbelief, and just buckle up for the ride, you will find yourself caring about the characters and rooting for their success. You will probably laugh out loud several times along the way as the author does a great job of inserting humor throughout. Highly recommended but start from the beginning A++